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07/01/2016 - Launch of Napa Valley Vine Trail website
01/24/2015 - New SCOE Design
04/03/2013 - Random Ridge Winery launches website and online sales
03/12/2013 - Talent Database for O'Reilly
10/02/2012 - Franchise Source launches E-Learning on CS
12/02/2011 - KAZ Winery website goes live with online wine sales and club management

Who uses CS


The main O'Reilly sites acts as a gateway to all others.

Delivering 12 million page views daily and over 500,000 users.

Applications of CS
Blogging, Conference Management, Data Management, User Management, Web Content Management

Sonoma County Office of Education

Applications of CS
Blogging, Calendars, Class Management, Contact Management, Email Announcements, Help Ticket, Notifications, User Management, Web Content Management

Napa Valley Vine Trail

Applications of CS
Calendars, Contact Management, Donation Management, Email Announcements, Web Content Management


O'ReillyNet's site on Java. Full of articles and resources.

Applications of CS
Web Content Management

Random Ridge Winery

Applications of CS
Winery Website and Club management

North Coast School of Education

Applications of CS
Calendars, Class Management, Data Management, Email Announcements, Notifications, User Management, Web Content Management

ON Lamp

O'Reilly Site for Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl techologies. Sister site of the O'Reilly Network, ONLamp focuses on a subset of open source technology that used together provides an extrememly powerful application development environment.

CS is LAMP compliant.

Applications of CS
Blogging, Web Content Management

Santa Clara Quality

Applications of CS
Web Content Management


Applications of CS
Calendars, Data Management, HR Jobs/Applicant Processing, Timesheets, User Management

National Writing Project

The mission of the National Writing Project (NWP) is to improve the teaching of writing and improve learning in the nation's schools. Through its professional development model, the National Writing Project recognizes the primary importance of teacher knowledge, expertise, and leadership.

Applications of CS
Calendars, Data Management, Email Forums and Discussions, Web Content Management

Open P2P

Another site from the folks O'Reilly & Associates. This one concentrates on Peer to Peer technologies.

Applications of CS
Web Content Management

The Gold Report

Applications of CS
Email Announcements, Newsletter Subscriptions, Targeted Announcements, Web Content Management


Promotes responsive caring relationships for infants and toddlers.

Many families today must depend on child care, but young children need more than just a safe place to be parked while adults go about their daily business. They need caregivers who understand how to nurture children in an emotionally secure and intellectually engaging group setting that helps provide a solid foundation for each child's future development.

Applications of CS
Data Management, Web Content Management

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"Not only is our company’s externally facing site ( running purely on CS but we have built everything from our award winning e-learning platform to blogs, content management systems, intranets and shopping carts." more ..

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