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07/01/2016 - Launch of Napa Valley Vine Trail website
01/24/2015 - New SCOE Design
04/03/2013 - Random Ridge Winery launches website and online sales
03/12/2013 - Talent Database for O'Reilly
10/02/2012 - Franchise Source launches E-Learning on CS
12/02/2011 - KAZ Winery website goes live with online wine sales and club management

About CS

Community Servers Inc., has been in the business of developing web applications for over 10 years. We provide application development services as well as license our CS server for companies to develop their own applications.

Our philosophy is simple: The web and its ability to use browser-based forms to edit and maintain information provides a perfect medium in which people -- independent of location and computing platform -- can work together to build and maintain an information base. Whether this is a set of HTML pages or student attendance records, the basic mechanisms for creating, retrieving, and updating data are the same.

The Community Servers technology enables entire communities of online users to easily maintain database records and information relationships in a variety of applications. These applications can range from complex multi-site content management applications to travel forms to online discussion forums.

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"Not only is our company’s externally facing site ( running purely on CS but we have built everything from our award winning e-learning platform to blogs, content management systems, intranets and shopping carts." more ..

Nate Heinrich - Web Engineer